NFTWorking is a highly personalized bespoke experience that bridges the physical and digital world by recording and visualizing human connections in the blockchain.

The platform amplifies the activation by gamifying the experience through the use of elements such as points, levels, challenges, and leaderboards. The mechanics motivate participation but also create excitement, engagement, and make interactions more dynamic. This leads to increased engagement and meaningful connections, as individuals are encouraged to interact with others purposefully, fostering strong communities with a common purpose that lasts beyond the on-ground activation.

How does it work
The NFTworking app enhances professional networking by leveraging NFT technology with a specific goal in mind. Before the conference, attendees receive an email containing a link to claim their NFTworking pass, which they activate by scanning their physical pass, thus eliminating the need for a crypto wallet. The dynamic NFT begins as a plain generative artwork that evolves with each interaction.

At the conference, professionals can connect and exchange contact information by scanning QR codes on each other’s badges. This activity, known as "proof of connection," causes the generative artwork to evolve, increasing in rarity and complexity. The app also features a gallery that showcases all attendees' NFTs and rarity levels, along with a leaderboard that offers perks and prizes to the most connected individuals.

All acquired contacts are immediately updated in the event app and can be downloaded during or after the event.

The NFTs are listed on OpenSea, granting access to benefits for future events and conferring participation and ownership rights. As the network's value grows, all token holders stand to benefit.