Plus Connect

PlusConnect: Fostering Global Collaboration through Web3 and Art.

PlusConnect represents an innovative fusion of art and Web3 technologies, transcending trends and creating a unique employee experience. The platform successfully introduced 3, 000 global marketers to Web3, enabling many to engage with the blockchain for the first time, set up a Web3 wallet, mint an NFT, and move closer to active participation in the communities they aim to influence.

This project showcases the collaborative efforts of four agencies within the network. For the first time, thousands of network members connected, met virtually, and genuinely operated as a unified team, achieving a 19% higher employee engagement rate than the global benchmark.

Through PlusConnect, participants unlocked their creative potential, inspired one another with technology, and discovered their capacity as allies in shaping new possibilities.
Find out more about this exciting project here: https://www.plusconnect.io/