Social Diffusion

Showcased during the CAWA Web3 exhibition at the Token2049 festival, Social Diffusion is an innovative research project exploring the potential of AI systems to become autonomous, socially-aware artists.

Utilizing daily news headlines as a source of inspiration, the project employs GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion algorithms to generate unique artworks that capture the zeitgeist. The artwork creation process is a complex interplay between multiple layers of AI, where GPT-3 selects pertinent headlines and generates text-to-image prompts, while Stable Diffusion brings the final image to life.

Human curators ensure visual continuity, and the artworks are minted as NFTs on OpenSea, immortalizing the AI-generated interpretations of humanity's actions and decisions.

With ongoing research in this field, Social Diffusion aims to refine its performance and continually generate dynamic, ephemeral artworks that evolve with real-time events, forging a new path in co-creation with artificial intelligence.